Social Networking

The good news is that the opportunities for laser-targeted advertising are becoming a reality. Want to target 18-24 year old college graduate women who are engaged? Well, you can…in Facebook. The bad news is that, with this added power, comes much added complexity. That’s why you need a partner who understands and can work in this dynamic and complex marketplace.

Some facts about social networking sites:

  • Facebook is the second most visited website on the Internet just behind Google
  • FaceBook has more the 68 million Unique Visitors per month. 1.1 billion Monthly Visits
  • YouTube is ranked 4th visited site according to Alexa
  • Twitter is rapidly moving up the ranks. It is now ranked 3rd of all social sites, and posed to overtake Myspace. It has jumped from position 22 just a year ago…54 million monthly visits
  • In a typical month
    • 26% of everyone that goes online worldwide visits Facebook
    • 23% visit YouTube
    • 4.27% visit MySpace
    • 3.96% visit Twitter (64% increase in the last 3 months)
  • It’s not just kids discussing what they’re going to wear to the prom
    • Ages 25-54 are driving the growth of Twitter
    • 35% of internet users aged 25-54 have used Twitter or something similar
    • 46% of users aged 18-34 use Facebook
    • 20% of Facebook users are between 35-49
    • 13% of FaceBook are over 50
    • 29% of Facebook users earn between $60-100k
    • 29% of Facebook users earn over $100k
  • This is the new frontier
  • Traditional marketing will not survive here
  • Incredible opportunities for first mover advantage

Learn how we can help you start a viral campaign and become profitable with social networking.

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